I wanna take your somewhere where life exists and thrives, where joy and love lies, and strength and confidence are found. Creating stories that feel nostalgic and familiar to the very being of your heart, yet are new and fresh in the grand perspective of life is something that I strive for in creating — that being said, my goal is always to create a natural sense of life through various modes of story-telling. Bringing a touch of simplicity yet unique touch not only makes the work stand out from the sea of consumption and distraction, but to place importance of God’s beauty and his people to the forefront.

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Lauryn + Her Journey


'Emotion, Color Me ' — Part 1: Red

This project is a simple introduction to the four part series of working with color, emotions, and the deep + personal experiences I’ve had in the past year. It may be a bit abrasive or blunt when it comes to reflecting, but that’s a part of liberating myself from the downcast perspective I’ve had on my entirety as an individual — to give freedom and acceptance to parts of myself that I once caged up. Red reflects not only that, but gave me the space to explore and learn from shooting my first art directed piece back in Spring of 2017

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'Emotion, Color Me ' Photo Series

A photo series exploring the personal side of my artistry and perspective. As human beings, we all have a part of us that we are afraid to explore, unravel, and dig up; a part of us that is deeply rooted into who we are and how we see the world. For me, that side has always been the struggle between my beliefs and the environment in which I exist within -- all the while, finding myself in-between both the spaces of existence. In 2018-onward, I will be exploring these ideas of self-reflection through the connection of emotion and color in a four part series with the collaboration of other local artists.