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while reconfiguring what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be in a world with vast amount of possibilities, I questioned the very nature of creation: if God is hand-molding me into the person I am meant to be, consistently creating, why not I create? You think in life you'll hit one, and only one, sweet spot -- feeling perfectly balanced, happy, + in sync with your career and then everything else will fall into place. But from my experience, it not only has been multiple lows in my life, but I can confidently say there has been more than one high as well. Learning my passion was definitely one those, and I can't wait to continue on in discovering more I will pursue the calling that God laid down for us so long ago: to work in partnership with him, to bring peace and joy back to the forefront of His cities and to love people unconditionally.

A local creator -- Lauryn Freimark is a 23 year-old film graduate from Portland State University -- focuses her of expression towards photography and art direction. Her intention is for every project to be meaningful and interlaced with a touch of modern vintage style. Not only that, but also to reach out and to cultivate the world around us to bring the intimacy of storytelling back to God and his beauty; she always aspires to be an encouraging, loving, thoughtful woman of God by means of creation.

Feel free to contact me for collaborations, photoshoots, or any other questions you may have at  -- if necessary + for serious inquires, please fill out the form nextdoo and we can get to talking -- because with every project, I promise to that bring to life what my clients envision.