Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for portraits, couple sessions, weddings, etc.?

I shoot a variety of clients looking for all kinds of photos! Whether it be for family photos, engagement, weddings or senior portraits, please give my galleries a look to see if you are interested in my work and style of photography. From that point, send me e-mail in the by going to the booking page and we can begin chatting about pricing for your special moment you want captured. 

Q: How far out do you typically a book a photo session or wedding? 

It really varies depending on what you are looking for from my photography services. All sessions require some planning, so I Generally, weddings and elopements are booked months to a year out in advance. Where it comes to other photo sessions like an engagement, family portraits, or portraits are preferred to at least have two weeks notice before ideal date of the session.

Q: How long have you been pursuing freelance in photography?

What first began as a simple and fun hobby, about last year I began to consider it as a way to take my passion and transform it into a part of my career in storytelling. Every moment has allowed me to expand my creativity bit by bit, giving me freedom to explore every aspect of being an artist .

Q: What are you inspired by?

I'm very much inspired by the past and being the nostalgic person that I am, I tend to look at American and European vintage photographs and history for stylistic, conceptual, and editing influences. As well as street photography   If you want a closer look to the vision, see my vision board that I update as often as I can on Tumblr. Though it's one of my main sources of inspiration -- people and memories of present make more of the allow me to tell and capture the stories that I do.   

Q: What camera gear do you use?

From the very beginning, I've been very familiar with Canon camera gear! Currently, I shoot on a Canon full-frame 6D and I primarily use a 50 mm 1.4 lens and a 24-70 mm 1.8 zoom lens. When it comes to shooting with a film camera, it tends to vary.